uPerform™ 4.4 Released

October 25, 2011
by Jim Jarrett

New Features Assist Global Customers in Sustaining Their Learning Investments

Elkridge, MD, October 25, 2011 (PRNewswire) – ANCILE Solutions, Inc., a global company that develops learning and performance software products, today announced the latest release of ANCILE uPerform™. The new version delivers enhancements such as:

Change notification and retention features to help keep learning content fresh
Additional discussion functionality to extend collaboration between employees
A new “guided help” output to provide more options for on-the-job support
Support for viewing content on the Apple iPad

ANCILE uPerform™ is an authoring and content management tool that delivers targeted, high-quality learning content to employees. The software allows authors to easily create, edit, and publish documents, simulations, and eLearning courses, and then quickly deploy the content to the entire workforce via the web.

ANCILE uPerform™ 4.4 provides new features to sustain an organization’s investment in critical business applications and ensure ongoing employee productivity. The release introduces automatic change notifications to inform authors and content subscribers of application screen changes that will necessitate updates to procedural content. In addition, new retention period functionality allows authors to set expiration dates for content to trigger reviews and updates.

“Having ANCILE uPerform ‘listen’ for configuration updates within enterprise applications such as SAP allows our customers to easily maintain their learning content and deliver up-to-date information to their employees,” said Dave Lingg, Vice President of Development Operations at ANCILE. “And the new retention period functionality provides a ‘freshness date’ to further simplify maintenance and address compliance needs.”

“ANCILE uPerform now makes it easier to maintain learning content beyond an initial go-live event,” said Frank Lonergan, CEO of ANCILE. “Whether it’s preparing for new hires, staying current with system changes, or planning for succession and knowledge transfer, tools that can help sustain learning are critical in today’s business environment.”

ANCILE supports 3,500 customers in over 80 countries from their offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

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