Bring Your Courses to Life with Embedded Videos!

February 14, 2017
by ancilelarry

Intelligence Hub

Working with video in uPerform is a great way to add depth to your courses and enhance your users’ experience. Starting with uPerform 5.30, you are now able to embed video from third party sites into a course.

What is embedded video? This is the act of inserting a video hosted on a third party site into your course page using a valid embed code provided by that site. The embed code, which usually begins and ends with , places “instructions” into the course to include specified video content from another site, such as YouTube ™.

In addition to the option of adding one video to a course page by choosing a video stencil, you can even embed multiple videos in a single page! To learn more about embedding single or multiple videos in uPerform courses, check out these Intelligence Hub articles:

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