Extra Characters in Your uPerform File Names? Here are Some Best Practices

March 14, 2017
by ancilelarry

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ANCILE uPerform provides a few ways for Authors and Administrators to download and access files after they have been checked into your uPerform website. Depending on how you access the files, unwanted extra characters can be added to the file name such as %, [1] or [2], which can cause additional copies and confusion if these are checked back into the server.

This problem occurs when the author selects “Open” as opposed to “Save” when checking out or getting the latest version of a document. If the document is not saved before editing, extra encoding characters are added to the file name so as not to overwrite the original file that exists on the server.

Best practice for Authors is to open the uPerform file via the uPerform Client via File > Open > Open from Server. This is the recommended method of opening files from the server for authors and also the quickest and most seamless way for file editing.

get_latest_versionAlternatively, when you select Get Latest Version or Check Out a document via the uPerform server interface, if a File Download window pops-up, select the option to Save the file locally (not Open).

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