Give Your End-Users Hints in uPerform Assessment Simulations

January 10, 2017
by ancilelarry

Intelligence Hub

It can be frustrating trying to get through an interactive ANCILE uPerform simulation in Assessment mode when you have absolutely no idea where to click or which key to press. If there aren’t any hints, you might not be able to complete the assessment!

Do you want to give your end-users a hint to get through an Assessment mode or Self-Test mode simulation without giving away the whole answer? You can do this by using the Help Mode feature in uPerform.  Help Mode can be used if you don’t want the actual answer to be shown when asking for assistance on an Assessment simulation, but instead a separate information note that can potentially provide a hint.

To find out more, check out How to use the Help Mode feature in your Assessment and Self-Test simulations on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub.


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