Part 5: uPerform 5.4 Passes SAP Premium Qualification (PQ)

April 12, 2018
by Jim Jarrett

Dave Baca

In an ongoing series of communications regarding our commitment to ANCILE uPerform, SAP Productivity Pak, and our SAP customer base, our Chief Customer Officer, Dave Baca, provides an update about ANCILE uPerform and the ways it can be used with various SAP technology. This week, he introduces ANCILE uPerform 5.4. The letter is repeated in its entirety below.

Dear Customers,

Over the last few weeks, we have reached out to select members of our customer base to update you on developments with ANCILE uPerform related to a changing enterprise software landscape. While many of our global customers are taking a much-deserved vacation, the ANCILE team has been hard at work, officially releasing ANCILE uPerform® version 5.4 to our worldwide customers, following another successful completion of SAP Premium Qualification.

When you return from vacation, we hope your first stop will be to visit the following resources for uPerform 5.4

Upgrading uPerfrom Download Brochure


And if you missed the webinar, “What’s New In ANCILE 5.4,” you can view or forward the recording anytime.

With new features that improve the end-user experience on mobile devices, provide in-app context sensitive help for web-based applications, and offer shareable MP4 or WMV video formats, uPerform 5.4 continues to deliver on ANCILE’s long history of innovative learning and performance support software. Rest assured that we’re already working on the next uPerform release, 5.50, and planning the next, next, and next uPerform releases!

As always, thank you for your continued trust and your ongoing relationship with the entire ANCILE Team.

Very Truly Yours,
Dave Baca
Chief Customer Officer

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