Read This if You’re Using Compatibility View in Internet Explorer with uPerform

February 28, 2017
by ancilelarry

Intelligence Hub

Technology is moving faster than ever and many organizations are faced with policies and regulations that prevent them from staying up to date with the latest internet browser versions. Microsoft® introduced Compatibility View in IE 8 and Enterprise Mode in IE 11 to allow organizations the opportunity to continue to view web applications developed for older versions of Internet Explorer while avoiding content compatibility issues associated with web apps and pages that do not have the latest internet browser features.

Does your organization require you to use Compatibility View or Enterprise Mode? If yes, check out  “Should Compatibility View and/or Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer be used when viewing the uPerform website?” on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub for information on how the usage of Compatibility View and Enterprise Mode could impact your End Users’ ability to view the uPerform website.

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