Taking Things Slowly: How to Change Simulation Playback Speed in uPerform

May 23, 2017
by ancilelarry

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Would you like to change the uPerform simulation auto playback speed for your end users? Have you received feedback from end users that they would prefer specific steps to be slower/play longer, or that the simulation steps take too long to play in Auto Playback mode?

There are two methods by which you can edit simulation step length:  edit simulation step playback time across all simulations using a particular template, or revise the playback length for individual steps by making changes to a single simulation in the uPerform editor.

Changing simulation playback time in the uPerform template will affect all steps in all simulations using the selected uPerform template. Only make this change if you intend it to be universal. This is a change which should be made by uPerform Project Administrators with template editing permissions. Check out this article for detailed instructions:

How to adjust simulation auto playback speed in uPerform Client

If you find that a single step or steps need longer playback in a simulation, do not change the template settings. As a uPerform author, you can adjust the auto playback time for those unique steps by following the directions here:

How to adjust auto playback speed of individual simulation steps in uPerform Client

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