This Isn’t the Billboard Top 100

July 18, 2017
by ancilelarry

Intelligence Hub

While it can’t tell you which songs are most popular with teens this week, hit count data CAN help you understand how often your uPerform content is viewed.

You may be familiar with hit count reporting on websites: a hit counter measures (and sometimes displays) how many times users have viewed a single page on a website. Hits typically do not represent unique visits to a web page, although they may be construed as such when a counter is placed on the home page.

Hit counting in uPerform is designed to be a little more accurate. End users will increase the hit count for a given Published Output only once per browser session. Additionally, the uPerform hit counter has a built-in delay to help prevent more than one hit from being recorded when multiple outputs of a single document are skimmed by the same user during same session.

Default reports such as the Website Usage Report include hit count, and the field is also available to you in custom uPerform reports. For more information about how hit counts work in uPerform, check out ANCILE Rock Star Bryan Diegel’s new Knowledgebase article:

How does the Hit Count process work in uPerform?

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