Unlock the Knowledge of Your Subject Matter Experts with the uPerform Rapid Recorder

August 22, 2017
by ancilelarry

Intelligence Hub

Sometimes the people in your organization with the most knowledge about a specific transaction or application are not documentation specialists, training specialists, or uPerform authors. We call these people Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

By taking advantage of the Rapid Recorder tool included with uPerform, you can unlock the knowledge of your subject matter experts by making easy for them to document and share their expertise.

The uPerform Rapid Recorder is a tool that allows SMEs (or anyone with an email address and web access to your uPerform Server) to quickly and easily record uPerform documents and automatically check them into your predefined server location.

Benefits Include:

  • Expedite work efforts by removing need for authors to learn new transactions/applications and removing need for SME tech review
  • Little to no uPerform training needed for SME using Rapid Recorder
  • No need to make sure SMEs are using the correct template, recorder settings, file naming convention, properties, server, or Document Library location — it’s all pre-configured in the uPerform Task.

The Rapid Recorder is an included feature of uPerform. Noted below are some additional resources for your reference.

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