uPerform Spring Cleaning!

April 11, 2017
by ancilelarry

Intelligence Hub

Spring is upon us once again. Flowers are blooming and trees are budding here at ANCILE Headquarters. Some of us are thinking about baseball, some are thinking about family vacations, and other are thinking about spring cleaning. Many of you may be pondering the same things we are but have you thought about doing a little spring cleaning on your uPerform Server?

There are several places on your uPerform Server that can become cluttered with unneeded items, which in turn could impact daily Server performance. A few areas that tend to become messy are the My Alerts widget (located on the home page of your uPerform website) and the uPerform Glossary and Publishing Queues.

uPerform Spring Cleaning To-Do List:

  • Take a look at your My Alerts widget on the home page and remove any alerts that are no longer needed.
  • Look at the Glossary queue and remove any failed globalizations, unused terms, and unused definitions.
  • Check out your publishing queue. Are there any failed publishing notifications that can be removed? If so, delete them.
  • You can also run a Workflow status report to see if there are any old or stuck workflows that haven’t been approved.

We’ve shared just a few simple tasks you can do to keep your uPerform Server fresh, clean and running smooth. Do you have any other tips?

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