Optimizing workflow performance

Transform your software training approach by creating a digital learning ecosystem for the entire organization with tools that accelerate content creation, simplify content management, and increase operational efficiency. Whether that content is created with uPerform or curated from other sources, it thrives when it is put in the hands of the end-user, in the right place and at the right time in the flow of work when it’s needed most.

  • Rapidly create and curate training content that matches customized workflows: Speed up content creation and updates with the uPerform app recorder by recording once and automatically generating learning content in multiple formats, including procedural documentation, simulations, and videos. Single source authoring increases authoring efficiency and helps organizations transition to hybrid learning.
  • Streamline management of your content in one repository: A single training library, centralizing content from various sources, guarantees help is found and consumed quickly. Whether created or curated, all content is quickly found and consumed on uPerform using Google-like searches, videos like YouTube, and subscription features like favoriting and following content.
  • Delivery: On-demand educational materials available in the workflow ensure content reaches end-users, building proficiency and increasing satisfaction with the software. Online classes reduce the time employees spend in training, decrease training costs, and eliminate travel expenses.

Delivering measurable business impact


Technology Spotlight Demonstration

Discover how uPerform provides organizations with software embedded support capabilities optimized for the rapid curation, creation, and dissemination of training and performance support content to your learners.

See it in action

Let us show you how uPerform supports formal and informal learning opportunities with eLearning courses and in-application help available within your mission-critical applications:

uPerform for Workday

A quick overview of the uPerform Workday Connector available with a uPerform subscription.

uPerform for SuccessFactors

A quick demonstration of uPerform in-application help and how it works with SuccessFactors, but it can work with many other web apps as well.

Communicating Regulatory Changes

uPerform helps training teams adapt to changes quickly by providing clinicians a single tool to push out and access vital, current information on workflow and procedural changes directly in their EHR. uPerform keeps your staff productive at point-of-care rather than struggling with the system or procedural changes.

Reporting and Analytics for Enterprise

Drive user adoption and proficiency of your software applications by continuously monitoring user engagement and content effectiveness with uPerform.



Maximizing the ROI on your Software Investments


Managing eLearning courses in uPerform with or without an LMS Webinar recording


Setup for Success: Creating Continuous Learning Opportunities with uPerform

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective training and support on the job are critical for successful adoption of any complex software application, including Epic. In the absence of high-quality training and ongoing support, users tend to under-use or misuse new systems – resulting in errors, non-compliance, and preventing organizations from achieving their expected returns on these investments.

uPerform enables you to continuously reinforce their training and skills by providing learning content directly within Epic. Users save time searching for help, learning the system, and become proficient faster with less dependence on support staff. The result is a training team coordinating fewer in-person trainings and spending less time fielding support calls.

As soon as staff finishes new hire training, they start to forget what they learned. Add frequent software upgrades, procedural changes, training initiatives, the costs of classroom training, and the link between training and success becomes clear.

uPerform addresses several challenges:

  • First, uPerform helps training teams speed up content creation and curation. Authors can accelerate training content creation and updates with the uPerform app recorder by recording a workflow once and publishing to end-users in a variety of formats, including procedural documents, simulations, and videos.
  • In addition, content created with uPerform matches your customized applications. With the uPerform recorder, Authors quickly capture process detail that matches your software implementation and turns it into learning that is easily accessed in the application. Both newly created and existing content is presented to end-users directly in the workflow with uPerform in-application help.
  • uPerform also reduces the time required to complete onboarding by taking a blended digital approach to training. uPerform supports both formal and informal learning by offering end-users in-application learning, e-learning courses, and easy access to training.
  • uPerform improves user proficiency working in the application by providing targeted training, in-application, at the time of need. Education teams can boost end-user proficiency and confidence by offering learning opportunities only a click away.
  • With uPerform, training teams can embed role-based support within the application, so each user sees only the content relative to their role, region, specialty, or department, ensuring tasks are completed quickly and reducing the overall time spent seeking help.

uPerform offers content creation and in-application help capabilities for variety of business and healthcare applications. A few examples of apps we support are Epic, Guidewire, Infor, Oracle, SAP, SuccessFactors, and Workday.

With uPerform, you can create role-based learning content by recording workflows– simply perform the steps as your users would in the system and the uPerform recorder handles the rest. The uPerform recorder transcribes menu paths, steps, field entries, and screenshots automatically, auto-generating a detailed step-by-step work instruction document.

Once you’ve recorded the work instruction document you can choose to publish it in a variety of formats, including simulations, videos, tip sheets, and HTML or PDF files — all from the single recording. Generating help content in the formats that appeal to each individual user’s learning style results in more efficient and satisfied users.

You can also create AICC and SCORM-compliant professional eLearning courses with uPerform, including assessments, so you can test users on what they’ve learned.

In addition to content creation, uPerform is a full content management and distribution system which allows the curation of existing and third-party content, such as EHR and ERP documentation, eLearning courses, Microsoft® Office files, videos, web links and more. With the uPerform Learning Library, your learners have a single place to go for all your training and support content. With uPerform in-application help users don’t have to sit through another training or be pushed content to get answers to their questions because instructions, step-by-step guides, and courses are available any time, right where end-users need it most.

As changes are made to the application through either customization or upgrades, Authors can rapidly update and republish content using the uPerform recorder, keeping up with the pace of change.

uPerform’s delivery engine, in tandem with our application integrations, ensures all your content reaches your end-users at their moment of need, directly in the flow of work. Either a floating help button or links in the workflow provide users direct access to your library of learning resources in the uPerform Learning Library. The content is role-based, so learners only see content relevant to them, reducing search time and getting them back to work faster.

The uPerform Learning Library is your central repository for all of your software training content. The site hosts Google-like searches, YouTube-like videos, and subscription features like favoriting and following content, so users can quickly and easily find the help they need.

Most of our clients leverage uPerform and their LMS together as they complement one another. Each has core functionality that not only differentiate, but create the need for the complementary integration.

uPerform LMS
  • In-Application Help Integration
  • Rapid Content Creation and Curation
  • Learning Content Management System
  • Formal Learning Paths and Credentialing
  • Compliance and Regulatory Training
  • Skill Training and Career Development

The benefits to integrating uPerform and the LMS as complementary deployments include:

Benefits for Administrators Benefits for End-Users
  • Leveraging uPerform as the centralized repository, you no longer need to upload updated versions to the LMS
  • Use existing content created with other tools such as Captivate and Storyline
  • End-User assessment scores are automatically reported back to the LMS
  • Seamless experience in the LMS learning path
  • Always taking the most recent version of the course
  • In-Application help presents learning content in the flow of work

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