Why upgrade to uPerform Cloud?

By upgrading to uPerform Cloud you can focus your time and attention on developing and delivering learning content, rather than managing the technology behind it. An upgrade to uPerform Cloud provides all the benefits and capabilities of the award-winning uPerform platform but eliminates the time and costs associated with building and maintaining your own server infrastructure.

Our enhanced platform benefits administrators, authors, and learners: New features faster, including automated upgrades and patches Virtual onboarding, training, and ongoing support assets for remote employees No architectural and maintenance costs Hassle-free migration, including the transfer of content

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New features faster

Our uPerform SaaS platform is in continuous development, delivering new features multiple times per year at an accelerating pace. With uPerform Cloud, you’ll get these capabilities and updates as they are released and can start using them immediately. No need to wait for your internal team to schedule the upgrade. Automatic updates through the uPerform cloud system give your business a competitive edge by allowing you and your team to access consistent and dependable role-based digital training resources. You’ll always be sure you are working in the most current and secure environment.

Enhancements for end-users include:

  • In-application help support for Guidewire and Workday
  • Modernized learner experience with updates to the website, simulations, tip sheets and courses
  • Email and Learning Library Notifications for Followed Documents/Folders and Content Shares
  • Support for multiple authentication methods for easy access
  • In-application help extension available for Microsoft Edge

New features for administrators and authors include:

  • More powerful user and group management
  • Enhanced management for third-party content, including Captivate and Storyline
  • Extended LMS integration capabilities with AICC and SCORM 1.2 support
  • More powerful and faster analytics and reporting, including PowerBI integrations
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Less hassle

A uPerform Cloud subscription provides continuous, reliable access to your content and tools worldwide. Managed by our expert cloud operations team and deployed with state-of-the-art infrastructure, a uPerform Cloud subscription reduces your server acquisition and maintenance costs. All this allows you to spend more time growing and sustaining your adoption strategy.

Our SaaS cloud server makes training and onboarding employees easier than ever. Let us handle server maintenance, system upgrades and security while your team focuses on becoming more competent — and confident — users of your organization’s software.

uPerform Cloud comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Automated upgrades and patches
  • uPerform-managed administration and maintenance
  • 24/7/365 monitoring backed by on-call engineers
  • Robust backups and disaster recovery
  • Secure data storage and access
  • Data resides in the US, Canada, Germany, or Australia
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Better support

uPerform Cloud runs on our global infrastructure. Upgrading to our cloud system ensures you get the support you need when you need it. Our team is on hand to help 24/7 with anything from troubleshooting technical issues to answering questions about the platform’s workflow. It is monitored continuously and maintained meticulously. We have experienced administrators, expert system operators, and specialized tools to proactively troubleshoot, diagnose, and solve problems. On those rare occasions when you run into a technical problem, you’ll be back up at full efficiency quickly with the confidence that the issue is fully resolved.

With uPerform Cloud, we manage your deployments:

  • Cloud-based software and upgrades managed by uPerform
  • No server architecture, maintenance or overhead costs
  • New capabilities and patches are available immediately upon release
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Award-winning global support network with a 99%+ customer satisfaction score
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and proactive issue resolution
  • Innovative technology roadmap with continuous updates throughout the year