Helping clinicians master Epic with integrated training and support

Transform your Epic® software training with the uPerform® just-in-time learning platform for the entire organization with tools that accelerate content creation, simplify content management and the delivery of content to providers, nurses and staff right from Epic.

When you choose Epic software integration with uPerform, you’re equipped with a scalable learning solution for the enterprise, which addresses inadequate software training and poor user efficiency, the crux of EHR success. With uPerform, you can deliver ongoing Epic in-app training opportunities that improve clinician experience with the EHR. As the only vendor offering content creation, management and distribution through a single platform, we support your Epic software journey from implementation to ongoing support through upgrades and changes.

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Key capabilities of digital learning integrations with Epic

Ensure your Epic users are home for dinner by providing learning content when and where it’s needed most, reducing the time they spend in training and completing tasks in the EHR. With uPerform, you take control of EHR training, and delivery of just-in-time support with ease. Take advantage of uPerform’s proven platform to provide Epic training for nurses and other healthcare providers.

Offer individualized training

Help Epic users complete tasks quickly with personalized support only a click away. Education and training are critical components in the successful use of any software. uPerform in-application help improves user proficiency by providing targeted training at the time of need within Epic workflows. Help is available from almost anywhere including the Epic Main Menu, Dashboards, Activities, Navigators, and Print Groups, as well as F1 Help with Google-like search. Providing role-based performance support means nurses only see performance support content that’s relevant to nursing and physicians only see content that’s relevant to providers.

Create and manage content seamlessly

Rapidly create and curate training content that matches your customized workflows. Speed up content creation and updates with the uPerform recorder by recording once and automatically generating learning content in multiple formats, including tip sheets, simulations and videos. For content that already exists from other sources, simply upload to uPerform to ensure it too is surfaced for end users in the right place at the right time.

Simplify Epic systems onboarding

Reduce time clinicians spend in onboarding with a hybrid learning approach. uPerform decreases the time clinicians spend in instructor-led training and gets your staff up and running quickly with on demand courses and reinforces initial training with support embedded within Epic ensuring on-the-job EHR proficiency.

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How uPerform with Epic integration works for you

Whether you are new to Epic or looking to increase the efficiency of your users, uPerform is here to help.

With our digital learning platform, your users get relevant training and on-the-job support to navigate Epic rollouts and quarterly upgrades. Completing onboarding courses and assessments is efficient and straightforward with uPerform. We offer a customized approach to learning so every employee can receive training that is unique to them, based on their role, department and specialty.

Our solution provides these key benefits for your day-to-day operations:

Intuitive functionality: uPerform provides access to your learning content in multiple formats, including interactive simulations, bite-sized videos and step-by-step tip sheets, to best fit each user’s unique learning styles and preferences. It also offers a user-friendly interface for straightforward navigation and use on multiple devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop.

Decreased costs: Our solution helps your organization save on help desk management, onboarding time and travel costs by helping users access training resources remotely and learn new skill sets quickly.

Reduced time to proficiency: Any new software program takes time to learn and master. uPerform with Epic integration is user-friendly and easy to use. New users spend less time learning the system, which means they become proficient sooner. Getting new hires up-to-speed quickly helps to improve productivity at your organization and reduces your costs in the long run. The sooner new hires become proficient at their jobs, the more comfortable they’ll feel, which also helps to improve retention rates.

Improved user adoption rates: To get the most benefit from an EHR, your organization needs to use it. Our Epic EHR training solution helps your team feel more comfortable using Epic, which makes them more willing to adopt it. The more people on your team use the EHR system, the more streamlined the care and services you offer will become.

Versatile management: Scalable and adaptable, our solution puts all the capabilities you need for learning content management, curation and distribution at your fingertips.

Healthcare clients

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How to integrate with Epic

When you choose uPerform, our team will work with you to implement your integration with Epic. Our partnership with Epic includes the Connection Hub listings of uPerform and Turbocharger program to accelerate Epic integration builds. Many of our clients choose to host Epic’s WeLearnings, It’s Possible and What’s New videos to simplify both the content creation effort and Learning Home Dashboard management.

Our Epic software integration solutions work seamlessly with your current systems while helping you create, manage and deliver training and support more efficiently than ever.

Our implementation process involves a few key steps:

Discovery: We’ll analyze your strategic goals and develop a customized project plan meeting your organization’s unique objectives.

Technical implementation: Our Customer Success & Services team will address technical requirements, configure authentication and user management methods and implement recommendations.

Epic integration: We’ll identify an Epic integration strategy, change control requirements and conduct validation testing.

Training: We’ll set your team up for success with functional administrator and author training.

Strategic partnership: Your success is our success. Our team continues to serve you as an ongoing partner after integration, providing product support, optimization and enablement.


To learn more about the uPerform integration process with Epic, visit our blog post: Integration Guide: Epic in-app training with uPerform

uPerform for Healthcare videos

Create better Epic users with uPerform

Help clinicians navigate Epic rollouts and upgrades with role-based performance support within the workflow.

In-application Help

Help EHR users complete tasks quickly with role-based support only a click away. uPerform in-application help improves user proficiency working in the EHR by providing targeted help content at the time of need by placing help buttons and links within Epic activities and workflows.

uPerform for Healthcare Overview

Increase performance, improve compliance, and reduce turnover with uPerform.

Create Content

Speed up content creation and updates with the uPerform app recorder. Publish content faster by recording tasks once and rapidly publishing content in a wide variety of document and simulation formats, including tip sheets.

Manage Content

Managing your content and getting it to people who need it most doesn’t have to be complicated. End the struggle with multiple content repositories by uploading, managing, and surfacing all content within uPerform.

Training & eLearning

The cost of classroom training continues to increase but your budget does not, and it takes clinicians away from their work with patients. Reduce time spent in costly instructor-led training, accelerate the onboarding of new hires, and create eLearning courses faster with uPerform.

See it in action

Let us show you how uPerform helps transform your health IT training program with continuous performance support within Epic and your other health IT applications.

In-Application Help

uPerform reduces time clinicians spend searching for help by providing a single location for all training and learning content – including content from external and third-party sources. Communicate critical and timely process changes with role-based help materials – including tip sheets, videos, and other procedural documents – accessible right within various Epic locations.


0:00 Introduction & Epic main menu integration
2:15 Follow content & update notifications
2:50 Storyboard integration
3:30 Activity & workflow integration
4:07 Best practice advisory integration
5:00 Learning home dashboard integration
7:00 Learning Library overview

Content Creation

uPerform accelerates authoring of learning content by 50% with its speedy recording tool, single-source authoring, multiple output types, and content curation capabilities. Don’t just keep up with software upgrades, outpace them.


0:00 Introduction & Creating Content with uPerform recorder
3:15 uPerform editor & content outputs overview
5:30 Tip Sheet preview
5:53 Simulation preview
7:33 eLearning course preview
9:34 Assessment preview
10:33 Management Center overview
11:45 Curating existing content
12:44 Reporting & analytics overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective training and support on the job are critical for successful adoption of any complex software application, including Epic. In the absence of high-quality training and ongoing support, users tend to under-use or misuse new systems – resulting in errors, non-compliance, and preventing organizations from achieving their expected returns on these investments.

uPerform enables you to continuously reinforce their training and skills by providing learning content directly within Epic. Users save time searching for help, learning the system, and become proficient faster with less dependence on support staff. The result is a training team coordinating fewer in-person trainings and spending less time fielding support calls.

We are a member of the Epic developer community and uPerform is available in the App Orchard. The App Orchard is a marketplace where third-party vendors and Epic customers publish Epic-integrated applications to help facilitate clinical, administrative, and other functions for Epic customers.

As soon as staff finishes onboarding, they start to forget what they learned. Add quarterly EHR upgrades, regulatory requirements, training initiatives, physician frustration, the costs of classroom training, and the link between training and success becomes clear. uPerform addresses the following challenges:

• Speed to content creation and curation.
Accelerate training content creation and updates with the uPerform app recorder. Simply record a workflow once and automatically generate learning content in multiple formats, including tip sheets, simulations, and videos.

• Clinician proficiency gaps.
Education and training are critical components in the successful use of any software. uPerform improves user proficiency working in the EHR by providing targeted training, in-application, at the time of need. Boost proficiency and confidence with learning opportunities only a click away.

• Content matching customized workflows.
The uPerform recorder allows education teams to quickly capture process detail that matches your Epic implementation and turn it into learning that is easily accessed in the application. Both newly created and existing content is presented to end-users directly in the workflow with uPerform in-application help.

• Time required to complete onboarding.
Reduce time spent in onboarding by taking a blended digital approach to training. uPerform offers in-application learning, e-learning courses, and easy access to training.

• Relevant training content.
Nurses only need to see performance support content that’s relevant to nursing and physicians only need to see content that’s relevant to providers. With uPerform, you can embed role-based support within Epic, so each user sees only the content relative to their role, specialty, and department, ensuring tasks are completed quickly and reducing the overall time spent seeking help.

uPerform reinforces learning in the workflow, accelerates content creation, and simplifies content management. For Epic customers, uPerform empowers clinicians, accelerates onboarding, and reduces screen time.

uPerform offers content creation and in-application help capabilities for variety of apps. Many mission-critical healthcare and business software applications are supported today and we’re adding new apps all the time. Visit for a full list of supported apps and contact a member of the uPerform team to learn more.

uPerform enables you to create role-based learning content by recording yourself performing tasks – simply perform the steps as your users would in the Epic system and the uPerform recorder handles the rest. With a click of a button, the uPerform recorder transcribes the Epic menu paths, steps, field entries, and screenshots automatically, auto-generating a detailed step-by-step work instruction document. Gone are the days of creating learning content manually.

Once you’ve recorded the work instruction document you can choose to publish it in a variety of formats, including simulations, tip sheets, and HTML or PDF outputs — all from the single recording. Generating help content in the formats that appeal to each individual user’s learning style results in more efficient and satisfied users.

You can also create AICC and SCORM-compliant professional eLearning courses with uPerform, including assessments, so you can test users on what they’ve learned.

uPerform accelerates project rollouts by enabling training managers to reuse content they already have. Easily centralize all your learning content from various resources, including Epic, to provide clinicians with a one-stop-shop learning platform.

uPerform supports the import and use of external or third-party performance support content, such as content provided to you from Epic, Adobe® Captivate®, Articulate Storyline®, Microsoft® Office files, and web links. Integrate additional applications such as an LMS and end the struggle with multiple content repositories by centralizing and managing all of your learning content in the uPerform document library.

Content created with uPerform mirrors your unique Epic implementation, ensuring your learners have access to the precise work instructions that not only match their unique needs and your unique workflows and procedures, but are also relevant to the user’s particular role, department, or specialty.

As changes are made to Epic through either customization or upgrades, uPerform allows your organization to rapidly update and republish content, so you can keep up with the pace of change.

uPerform can be enabled and launched from the following locations in the Epic application: F1 Help and Search, Main Menu Toolbar, Menu Navigator, Learning Home Dashboards, or a Storyboard.

Users can access certification courses and complete assessments directly from the uPerform document library by integrating your LMS with uPerform using AICC or SCORM.

In order to ensure a smooth and successful integration of uPerform in Epic, the following resources are needed from your organization:

• Program owner
• Project manager
• Epic training lead(s)
• IT administrators
• uPerform functional administrators
• uPerform authors

We will also need an introduction to your Epic Build Analyst team and/or Epic consultant, as well as work with your Epic Client Services Administrator and Epic Change Control to complete the integration.

Our dedicated Epic TS will work with your Epic TS to help facilitate the integration.

uPerform integrates with Epic using Epic SSO which provides end-users with a seamless transition from Epic to uPerform learning content and back again. Content can be filtered or restricted based on user role or group assignment based on data in user profiles. We work closely with your IT team to enable these features, so you can feel secure about identity management and know your learners are getting highly relevant performance support exactly when they need it.

uPerform integrates with your Epic dashboards by presenting clinicians with links to dynamic training and performance support content. Links can direct users to content grouped into folders in the Learning Library, a specific document or course, and context-sensitive help search results. uPerform content can also be searched for right from the Epic dashboard so finding content is simple. With uPerform, your training team is in complete control of the content presented in Epic. With uPerform’s content management capabilities your team can easily keep learning home dashboard links up-to-date!
  • Dynamic content from multiple sources
  • Easier to manage and maintain
  • Searchable
  • Accessible inside and outside of Epic

An LMS is used to deliver full eLearning curricula, especially for compliance. uPerform extends that support to in-application performance support.

uPerform can integrate with your LMS system to provide a single system to manage all of your learning content.

While both Adobe® Captivate® and uPerform can be used to create eLearning content, uPerform is also a learning content management system that supports rapid learning content creation, in-application distribution of role-based content to end-users, and content lifecycle management and reporting.

Your existing Captivate content can be managed and distributed through uPerform as well.

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Our team is committed to providing innovative solutions for Epic software training for healthcare professionals. We understand that Epic EHR integration, content management and employee training are critical to your daily operations, and our solutions match your customized instance of Epic. By empowering you and your organization to leverage the full capabilities of your software, we can help you accomplish more every day.

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