uPerform Solutions Established

July 8, 2010
by Jim Jarrett

July 8, 2010

RWD Technologies, LLC (RWD), a global company that develops and implements human and organizational performance solutions, today announced that it has completed the sale of its software products division and products platform to Court Square Capital Partners (Court Square), a leading private equity firm. With the acquisition of the RWD software products division, Court Square has created a standalone business, uPerform Solutions, Inc. (www.uperform.com), which will continue to develop, sell, and support the performance support software products formerly developed and supported by RWD. In addition, uPerform will provide those services that directly support the platform, such as implementation, hosting and maintenance services.

Frank Lonergan, former RWD vice president, product development and product support, is the CEO of uPerform. The products included in divestiture are RWD uPerform®, RWD uPerform® Express, RWD uBenchmark®, RWD Info Pak®, and RWD uLearn™. “With over 12 million end users around the world, RWD’s software products have matured to the point where it makes sense to separate the software products division to enable uPerform Solutions’ singular focus on developing product solutions that support the performance and productivity of our customers,” said Frank Lonergan, CEO of uPerform Solutions. “The investment by Court Square allows us to innovate and introduce new technology solutions to meet additional needs in the market.”

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