uPerform Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with New Customer Milestones

July 12, 2011
by Jim Jarrett

Install Base Reaches 3,500+ Customers and 16 Million Users

Elkridge, MD (PRWEB) July 12, 2011—ANCILE Solutions, Inc., a global company that develops learning and performance software products, today announced highlights from its first year of operations, including new customer milestones.

In July 2010, ANCILE was formed as the result of the divestiture of the software products division of RWD Technologies, LLC. ANCILE now owns, develops, sells, implements, and supports ANCILE uPerform™, ANCILE uPerform™ Express, ANCILE Info Pak™, ANCILE uLearn™, and ANCILE uBenchmark™.

Though July 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of the new business entity, ANCILE products were first introduced in 1999. In addition, because the majority of ANCILE’S current employees transitioned from RWD to ANCILE in July 2010, many of its employees are now celebrating 10+ years as a team developing and supporting ANCILE products.

Since the divestiture, ANCILE has added more than 400 customers and 1 million end users, bringing the number of ANCILE customers to more than 3,500. ANCILE end users total more than 16 million across 88 countries. Over the past year, ANCILE has provided implementation and consulting services to more than 300 customers in 11 languages and 9 countries.

To support its global customer base, ANCILE opened headquarters in Elkridge, Maryland, this year, along with new offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

Some of the highlights of ANCILE’s first year include:

  • Software updates, including ANCILE uPerform™ 4.3 and ANCILE uLearn™ 8.21
  • A new website and a product re-brand to reflect new corporate branding
  • A new product support center website to provide customers with enhanced functionality and features
  • A partnership with the U.S. Dream Academy to give back to the Maryland community
  • Sponsorship of the ASUG/SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 and ASTD ICE 2011 conferences
  • Continued strong partnerships with organizations such as SAP, who rebrand ANCILE uPerform™/ANCILE uPerform™ Express software as SAP Productivity Pak and SAP Productivity Composer

“This has been an exciting year at ANCILE. The growth we have experienced over the last 12 months has been astounding to watch and is the culmination of hard work from our team,” said Frank Lonergan, CEO of ANCILE. “We are looking forward to ANCILE’s continued growth and to delivering on our commitment to help customers increase their business performance.”

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