uPerform Solutions Achieves SOC 2

November 22, 2019
by Caitlin McVeigh-Gagnon

uPerform Solutions Achieves SOC 2


ANCILE Solutions, the company behind the award-winning software uPerform, is proud to announce its successful completion of the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2® Type II examination, reinforcing the company’s commitment to security best practices.

Used by 4,600 global customers, including half of the Fortune 100 and 10 major healthcare networks, uPerform helps end-users master their enterprise software applications by providing customized learning directly within the workflow. As a result, it increases employee understanding, proficiency, and adoption of the mission-critical software. Authors can accelerate content development by quickly creating targeted content that accurately reflects their tailored applications.

The report validates the effectiveness of controls and operational procedures relevant to security, availability, and confidentiality at ANCILE. “The SOC 2 report demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with the best quality of service by upholding the highest security standards for our operations,” said Eric Grosgogeat, CEO at ANCILE. “This report builds client confidence in our solution and provides customers concerned about keeping their data secure greater peace of mind.”

For more information on uPerform, ANCILE, or the SOC 2 report, please contact us.


ANCILE offers best-in-class software, uPerform, that drives user adoption on over 200 of the world’s leading business and healthcare applications. uPerform helps customer organizations realize the full value of their mission-critical software applications by boosting proficiency, driving adoption, and reducing screen time. Our products, including those of our partners, support onboarding, employee performance, continuous learning, process compliance, change management, software documentation, and more.

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