Baylor Scott & White Health: Scalable EHR Training Methods for a Dispersed Workforce​

January 4, 2023
by Jordan Edwards

Arch Collaborative Learning Summit 2022 Co-Presentation

With a geographically dispersed audience across Texas, Georgianna Kelly, Director of Enterprise Technical Training and Support at Baylor Scott & White needed to scale Epic training and ongoing support, and recognized standardization was crucial. She decided to take a digital approach.

Tune in to hear Baylor Scott & White Health and uPerform at the KLAS Research Arch Collaborative Learning Summit 2022 discuss the digital learning approach that works, the technology that enables it, and the outcomes they’ve experienced, including:

  • Increased clinician EHR satisfaction
  • Improved clinician rating of ongoing training
  • Just-in-time delivery of training materials, available in the EHR
  • Repurposing trainers as coaches and managing maintenance of content
  • Ability to construct a Proficiency Continuum to develop end-user mastery



Georgianna Kelly, Director, Enterprise Technical Training and Support
Baylor Scott & White Health

Georgianna is an accomplished healthcare leader with over 20 years of experience assisting and leading healthcare systems in implementing and optimizing Epic. She joined Baylor Scott and White Health in 2018 and is responsible for technical training and support for the enterprise.




Bobby Zarr, Vice President, Healthcare Strategy

Bobby is a seasoned healthcare leader who brings over 10 years of extensive health IT training experience to uPerform. He joined the uPerform team in 2020 and was previously the Manager of IT Training and Support at Infirmary Health where he was responsible for their training program, including optimization strategies, Epic rollouts, and software utilization.

uPerform Just-In-Time Learning and Support Platform

uPerform helps clinicians master software applications while they work by accelerating onboarding and reinforcing learning with integrated help accessible within the workflow. Clinicians save time when they access role-based content exactly when and where they need it, allowing them to get back to what matters most – patient care.

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The Arch Collaborative

The Arch Collaborative is a provider-led effort to unlock the potential of EHRs in revolutionizing patient care. Through standardized surveys and benchmarking, healthcare organizations collaborate to uncover best practices and move the needle in healthcare IT. Currently, the Arch Collaborative is using measurement data to improve the EHR experience through training, governance, and culture. Learn more about The Arch Collaborative at