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uPerform® is a just-in-time training and support platform that drives user adoption of the world’s leading healthcare and business applications. Chosen by over half of the Fortune 100, uPerform helps organizations realize the full value of their EHR, ERP and HCM software by accelerating onboarding, reducing screen time and boosting proficiency and satisfaction. uPerform provides a digital approach to onboarding and continuous learning with performance support, process compliance, change management, and software documentation.  

uPerform is the only digital learning platform that combines content creation, management and delivery capabilities in a single solution. uPerform not only helps with online training, but also provides in-application help to answer how-to questions, which increases user proficiency and reduces dependence on support staff.  

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As a founder in the field, uPerform® – under its former name, ANCILE Solutions – has received many industry awards over the years. Training Industry consistently puts us in their Top 20 for Authoring Tools Companies. Brandon Hall ranks us in numerous categories for our technology and innovation. We’ve also received SAP® Software Partners and Stevie awards for innovations in customer service and relationship management.