Case Study: Mountain West Farm Bureau Insurance Drives Guidewire Adoption with GP Strategies and uPerform

May 27, 2022
by Deli Okafor

Mountain West Farm Bureau Insurance (MWFBI) is a leading insurance carrier providing quality insurance products since 1948. In 2021, MWFBI decided to upgrade its primary software structure to the latest Guidewire application and partnered with uPerform and GP Strategies® to support their upgrade. In this case study, prepared by GP Strategies, you’ll learn how MWFBI was able to rapidly create Guidewire-specific training content while reducing employee time in training with the uPerform just-in-time training and support platform.

“uPerform is the ultimate force multiplier for developing, delivering, and maintaining educational content for today’s remote workforce…”

Tim Hays, CIO – Mountain West Farm Bureau and 360 Insurance Companies

MWFBI achieved the following benefits by leveraging uPerform: 

  • Training leads created eight training courses, including assessments, and over 150 integrated support resources to support their Guidewire rollout 
  • Existing uPerform content was provided by Guidewire and leveraged for customization to MWFBI roles 
  • uPerform content was connected to Guidewire Cloud to deliver in-application context-sensitive help 

uPerform is Ready for Guidewire

uPerform is a Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner. With our Ready for Guidewire accelerator, you can help employees master InsuranceSuite while they work with role-based educational content available in the flow of work.  

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Learn more about uPerform for Guidewire

uPerform is committed to providing innovative Guidewire digital training solutions for insurance professionals. With effective training available on-demand, your organization can provide a better customer experience for policy holders. 

Drive adoption, increase user proficiency, and provide software help at the moment of need with uPerform. For more information on our digital learning platform, or how we can support your Guidewire rollout or upgrade, reach out to us today for a free demo.