M Health Fairview Wisconsin Epic User Group Presentation

August 9, 2023
by Caitlin McVeigh-Gagnon

On August 9, 2023, M Health Fairview joined the Wisconsin Epic User Group virtual meeting to share how utilization of the uPerform just-in-time training platform enabled them to create an EHR training “solar system” at scale. You can access a copy of the presentation below.

Aligning the stars in your Epic learning solar system

During the event, Derek Harley, EHR/HIT Learning and Development Manager of M Health Fairview, shared how his organization successfully navigates EHR changes, rollouts and go-lives with a scalable education program that delivers more effective training to clinicians. With this new approach to EHR education, M Health Fairview benefits from:

  • Accelerated onboarding: Successfully trained 1,500 contingency nurses in five days with virtual training powered by uPerform.
  • Self-directed learning: Delivers role-based microlearning to over 5,300 users per week leveraging in-application help on Epic F1 dashboards.
  • Scalable operations: Supported monthly releases, 3 quarterly releases and 2 Epic upgrades by scaling the creation, management and delivery of learning in a single platform.


Derek Harley M Health Fairview

Derek Harley, EHR/HIT Learning and Development Manager of M Health Fairview

Derek has been in healthcare learning and development for 23 years he has experienced 5 EHR implementations, two mergers, multiple upgrades, and many other projects that come from a changing healthcare landscape.


Ready to embark on a cosmic quest to enhance your EHR education program?

Check out our client stories to learn how health systems across the country are optimizing EHR efficiency and satisfaction with a just-in-time approach to learning. If you would like to discuss how uPerform might benefit your health system, or schedule a demonstration, please contact us.

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