Part 3: eLearning and SAP SuccessFactors

April 11, 2018
by Jim Jarrett

Dave Baca

In an ongoing series of communications regarding our commitment to ANCILE uPerform, SAP Productivity Pak, and our SAP customer base, our Chief Customer Officer, Dave Baca, provides an update about ANCILE uPerform and the ways it can be used with various SAP technology. This week, he addresses eLearning and SAP SuccessFactors. The letter is repeated in its entirety below.

Dear Customers,

Over the last few weeks, we have reached out to select members of our customer base to update you on developments with ANCILE uPerform related to a changing enterprise software landscape. A frequent challenge we hear from our customers is the struggle to maintain eLearning content and to distribute that content to employees.

uPerform offers a highly efficient learning content management solution that enables you to develop, store, and manage all learning content in one location — the uPerform server. What’s different, however, is that your learners can launch these courses from any LMS (including SAP Success Factors Learning).

Previously eLearning courses developed using uPerform had to be exported from uPerform, imported into your LMS, and repeated every time you made a course change. With the latest version of uPerform, you can develop, maintain, and manage your content in uPerform while managing learning activity and reporting in your LMS – with no transfer or synchronizing required.

The actions are simple:

  1. In uPerform, create course packages using the AICC option
  2. In the LMS, create a link to the course in the uPerform server
  3. In the LMS, launch a course which resides in uPerform
  4. In the LMS, run reports about course completions and learner assessments

While this means you can easily create content that’s always fresh and relevant, users also benefit. uPerform content is streamed directly to the user from the LMS, so they’re always presented with the most up-to-date courses and eLearning content, allowing them to follow personalized learning plans and consume content that’s most relevant to them and their role. Furthermore, the content is also available at the point-of-need, by deploying Context Sensitive Help in SAP or any business application.

See how this innovative ANCILE solution works by clicking the video link below:

ANCILE and SAP SuccessFactors eLearning

As our customer update series continues, we will focus next on ANCILE’s continuing ascent to the cloud. If you have any questions, I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you. Just give me a call or send me a note. And please let us know what you think of our integrated uPerform/Success Factors LMS solution.

Very Truly Yours,
Dave Baca
Chief Customer Officer

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