Top 10 uPerform Webinars of 2020 & 2021

December 8, 2021
by Deli Okafor

Throughout the years, the uPerform team has hosted a variety of webinars including guest presenters on topics that focused on key uPerform features, upcoming enhancements, and ways to integrate uPerform with your mission-critical applications. 

We have analyzed and narrowed down your favorite webinars based on attendance and what you replayed most. In case you missed any, below is a list of the Top 10 Webinars from uPerform in 2020 and 2021. We welcome you to revisit topics you are interested in and share them with colleagues. 

  1. Transforming Oracle Training and beyond with the uPerform digital learning platform

Planning an Oracle upgrade or looking for an alternative to Oracle UPK? In this webinar, guest presenters Ursula Boudreaux, Training Systems Manager, and Debra Riley, Technology Training Systems Administrator at Crowley Maritime Corporation, shared their experience using uPerform over the years to successfully prepare and support employees during software rollouts and upgrades. 

Topics covered: 

  • Creating, managing, and distributing content for Oracle
  • Preparing and supporting employees during software rollouts and upgrades
  1. Supporting your global workforce with translated learning content

Are you currently spending a large chunk of your time coordinating the creation of learning materials in multiple languages? In this webinar, learn how your organization can use uPerform to provide translations for standard instructions captured during the recording process that can then be reviewed by a local employee for fine-tuning. 

Topics covered: 

  • Simple uPerform document language conversion 
  • Preparing XLIFF Files for 3rd party translation 
  • Guided re-record for easy translation 
  1. Put your data to work: Gain insight on program success with powerful BI integrations and reporting

With uPerform’s Reporting API, you get answers to your training program questions with real-time insight available in the tools you rely on most. Watch the webinar to see us demonstrate the Reporting API with Power BI, showing you how to consolidate your data into a single, dynamic interface and create powerful visualizations that update automatically.   

Topics covered: 

  • uPerform Reporting API overview  
  • Feeding content engagement metrics into Power BI
  • Subscription and licensing requirements 
  1. Quickly moving traditional training to digital

With uPerform, you can quickly transform traditional training to digital learning by reusing content you already have. In this webinar, you will learn how authors can rapidly build a framework to create engaging eLearning courses and how easy it is for virtual users to access and complete courses. 

Topics covered: 

  • Leveraging existing content to jumpstart your efforts 
  • Tracking progress and performance by adding assessments 
  • Distributing courses to your remote workforce using the Learning Library 
  1. Transform your health IT training program with a digital learning platform

Bring digital transformation to your training approach and get your clinicians back to what matters most – patient care. In this webinar, Bobby Zarr (previously the Manager of IT Training and Support at Infirmary Health and now Sr. Director of Healthcare at ANCILE) shares how he used uPerform to meet some seemingly impossible Epic timescales and went on to experience a variety of other benefits. Dave Mensah (Sr. Product Manager) demonstrates how uPerform cuts through the noise and helps clinicians become more efficient by providing continuous performance support within Epic and your other health IT applications. 

Topics covered: 

  • Communicating critical and timely process changes
  • Using role-based help materials within the Epic workflow 
  1. Relevancy is key: Delivering audience-specific training content with uPerform groups 

Have a large library of training content? Reduce time employees spend searching for help with automated content filtering based on role or group assignment. In this webinar, you’ll learn how our enhanced Group Management makes accessing relevant training and support content a whole lot easier for learners.   

Topics covered: 

  • Automated content filtering in the Learning Library and in-application help
  • Benefits of uPerform groups   
  • Creating and managing groups   
  1. Your content is only useful if it’s easy to access

Do you maintain documents, weblinks, and eLearning courses across multiple systems or file shares? In this webinar, you will learn how to upload external or third-party learning content, such as Captivate, PDFs, Word files, and more, making it available to your entire organization in a single repository, so learners have a single place to go for all your training and support content. 

Topics covered: 

  • Uploading Captivate, PDFs, and web links 
  • Accessing learning assets in the Learning Library
  • Following documents and saving as favorites 
  1. Managing eLearning courses in uPerform with or without an LMS 

Are you creating courses using Captivate or Storyline? Do you have an LMS? Then this webinar recording is for you! With uPerform, you can end the struggle with multiple content repositories by managing and distributing all your eLearning content, no matter the source, within uPerform. Your learners will save time searching through file shares for help with access to all the learning materials they need in a single location.  

Topics covered: 

  • Incorporating LMS-based courses via AICC and SCORM 
  • Using Captivate, Storyline, and other courses as Managed Documents 
  • Configuring assessments in templates 
  1. Upgrading to SAP Fiori

Bring uPerform along your SAP® journey to help users navigate your upgrade to SAP Fiori® with enhanced in-application help. Watch this recording to learn how uPerform helps users make sense of the new, complex software with training and guidance at their fingertips with content relevant to the role and process they are executing.  

Topics covered: 

  • End-user in-application help experience 
  • Configuring the connection profile 
  • Auto-context capturing when recording 
  1. Achieving your New Year’s Training Resolution: Getting learners to your learning content

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the powerful administrative tools and enhancements made to the Learning Library. Enhancements include improvements to uPerform authentication methods, more powerful user and group management capabilities, and a redesigned Learning Library. 

Topics covered: 

  • Redesigned Learning Library with a prominent search
  • Easier access to uPerform with enhanced authentication methods 
  • Simpler management of sets of user accounts, including bulk import