uPerform for Healthcare Now Available in the Epic App Orchard

February 13, 2018
by Jim Jarrett

ANCILE announced today that their flagship product, uPerform® for Healthcare, is now available to Epic users via their App Orchard marketplace.

“We’re thrilled to have uPerform for Healthcare on the App Orchard where Epic customers can access applications that integrate with Epic,” said Greg Sybersma, CSMO, ANCILE. “uPerform for Healthcare allows all of your Epic users to access role-based learning content from directly within the Epic application, increasing proficiency to help decrease clinician burnout.”

With uPerform for Healthcare, subject matter experts can quickly and iteratively record, edit, and publish both task level instructions and eLearning courses tailored for each role and specialty. As changes are made to Epic, through either customization or upgrades, uPerform allows the organization to rapidly update and republish content. Bobby Zarr, IT Training Lead at Infirmary Health, credits uPerform as key to their successful rollout, “In less than 10 weeks, we completed more than 10,000 training events, and all our physicians were ready to use the new software upon implementation.”

Multiple research reports describe the dramatic link between training and success with an EHR. All your Epic users, including providers, nurses, staff, and others, can access learning content that is specifically tailored to their role and current workflow directly from the Epic application. Clinicians can select from multiple content formats to fit their preferences.

uPerform for Healthcare features:

  • Customize content based on role, specialty, department, and activity
  • Record once and publish content to multiple output types such as simulations, videos, quick reference guides, or tip sheets
  • Clinicians can access content on any device where, when, and how they need it
  • Quickly rerecord when changes are made because of new regulations or Epic capabilities

“uPerform for Healthcare is a vital tool for healthcare organizations seeking ways to improve both the efficiency and satisfaction of clinicians and employees within Epic,” stated Sybersma. “Our goal is to decrease clinician screen time with access to customized content at the moment of need, helping improve skills that effect proficiency KPIs like PEP and PULSE and, ultimately, regulatory requirements such as MIPS.”

You can view the uPerform for Healthcare listing here. Questions regarding uPerform and/or its integration with Epic applications can be directed to Julia Pollard or via phone at 443-561-3895.


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