Webinar: Making a Success of Hybrid Learning

May 14, 2021
by Deli Okafor

Clinician training is a key factor in the success of an Electronic Patient Record (EPR/EHR) project throughout its lifecycle. Due to disappointing results and high costs from classroom-based approaches, many hospitals are now considering a ‘hybrid’ approach to EPR training that focuses on ongoing eLearning. Many are unsure of its effectiveness, or how to make it work in reality. 

Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ) and M Health Fairview are two hospitals that have recently successfully implemented hybrid learning for their EPRs. Tune into our webinar to hear their representatives answer questions on: 

  • Why they chose to move to a hybrid approach to EPR training 
  • How they progressed and managed the new approach internally 
  • The improvements they’ve experienced, and their lessons learned 

Additionally, experts from the NHS, international healthcare bodies, and ANCILE Solutions shared their experiences of challenges & solutions to key IT systems training.


  • Anne Cooper (webinar chairman), Clinical Director of Ethical Healthcare Consulting; Chief Clinical Officer of mHabitat; and Non-executive Director of Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  • David Kwo, EPR consultant; formerly the Director of EHRS and Informatics at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Jack Van De Langenberg, Training Advisor, Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ)
  • Derek Harley, System Manager – Learning and Development System Manager for M Health Fairview and M Physicians
  • Bobby Zarr, Senior Director of Healthcare Strategy, ANCILE Solutions