Webinar: Put your data to work: Gain insight on program success with powerful BI integrations and reporting

February 8, 2021
by Caitlin McVeigh-Gagnon

Do you know who is accessing your training content?
What about your biggest training gaps?

With the new uPerform Reporting API, you get answers to your training program questions with real-time insight available in the tools you rely on most.  The new Reporting API enables you to generate uPerform’s canned and custom reports automatically for use in BI dashboards or other reporting tools, enabling you to run more robust analysis and consistently track, measure, and report on training performance and return on investment.

Watch our webinar where we demonstrate use of the Reporting API with PowerBI, show you how to consolidate your data into a single, dynamic interface, and create powerful visualizations that update automatically.

Topics include:

  • uPerform Reporting API overview
  • Feeding content engagement metrics into Power BI
  • Subscription and licensing requirements

Greg LaPalomento, our expert Strategic Software Consultant, provides a demonstration followed by a live Q&A.