uPerform Forecasts Emerging 2013 Enterprise Learning Trends

July 31, 2013
by Jim Jarrett

Learning and Performance Software Leader Identifies Upcoming Crowdsourcing, BYOE, Compliance, QR Codes, and Gamification Trends

ELKRIDGE, Md., July 31, 2013 – Crowdsourcing and BYOE are among the top enterprise learning trends forecasted by ANCILE Solutions, Inc., a global provider of best-in-class learning and performance software solutions to more than half of the Fortune 100. The following are top 2013 learning trends ANCILE sees on the horizon:

  • Crowdsourcing: Creating, editing, and managing learning content across a dispersed team can be challenging, especially when tracking feedback from multiple authors and editors. Technology and process that facilitate crowd-sourced authoring delivers on the promise of greater collaboration and productivity, while ensuring quality and adherence to standards. Further, centralized content management and multi-language capabilities ensure that global organizations have the support needed for local authoring.
  • BYOE (Bring Your Own Efficiency to Work): BYOE is the new BYOD as businesses are now incorporating always-on devices for greater workforce efficiency, no matter the location. More employees are using their personal devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets not only to access company data and applications, but also to leverage software and learning content from their devices to increase their productivity outside of the office. With BYOE, these businesses can support more mobile workforce opportunities to increase employee satisfaction and reduce costs.
  • Operational Compliance: With new policies such as the FATCA portal just six months away and pressure from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act greater than ever, enterprises are focused on ensuring internal operational compliance and alignment to ease investor concerns and avoid penalties and risks. Tools that allow organizations to deliver critical communications and procedures – and confirm receipt and comprehension – will be a key element of compliance efforts. In addition, valuable data, such as website usage and help request reports, provide vital insights into which employees are struggling (and where more training or performance support would be beneficial) and where content is under-used.
  • Gamification: Companies are now looking into common video-game techniques such as points, badges, and leader boards to make their websites and training more interactive and to reward employees for their contributions. This process appeals to social factors intrinsic in humans such as social capital, self-esteem, and desire to interact. Videos and graphics help to create captivating, interactive content, and can lead to positive businesses outcomes such as innovation disruption, employee performance management, education, personal development, and customer engagement.
  • QR Codes: While typically leveraged for retail and consumer marketing, this information sharing technology can be extended to provide valuable learning content. Engineers, mobile workers, line workers, and others can use QR codes for on-the-job access to quick reference instructions to operate equipment or complete tasks in real time. Organizations can also communicate up-to-date changes to procedures and equipment in order to reduce safety and liability risks.

“In the past six months, there has been a significant shift in the way our customers use our software to educate their employees and increase productivity throughout their organizations,” said Frank Lonergan, CEO of ANCILE Solutions. “Continuing through the rest of this year and going into 2014, we expect to see a demand for learning content and technologies that are mobile-accessible, support corporate alignment, and help to drive employee engagement with new forms of interactive content.”

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