uPerform Solutions Launches SMART on FHIR Capability for Digital Training Within Electronic Health Record Systems

December 11, 2020
by Caitlin McVeigh-Gagnon

uPerform Solutions Launches SMART on FHIR Capability for Digital Training Within Electronic Health Record Systems


ANCILE Solutions, the company behind the market-leading Digital Learning Platform uPerform®, is pleased to announce support for the SMART on FHIR standard. uPerform empowers health systems to deliver higher quality EHR education with role-based training and performance support materials available within their Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, increasing user proficiency and satisfaction.

With SMART on FHIR support, uPerform healthcare clients are now benefitting from single sign-on powered by OAuth, providing clinicians a transparent login experience when accessing learning materials – such as tip sheets, simulations, and videos – from within their EHR workflows or processes. Epic® customers get enhanced administrative functions, including easier and more powerful user and group management, and better access control.

SMART on FHIR grants uPerform access to more user data, creating a more powerful education platform for the EHR. In-application help provides EHR users one-click access to training and support materials specific to their role, department, or other attributes, ensuring that clinicians can spend more time with patients and less time searching for help.

“As the healthcare industry standardizes with SMART on FHIR, uPerform must integrate easily with hospitals’ applications, particularly the EHR,” said Bobby Zarr, Senior Director of Healthcare at ANCILE uPerform. “We are thrilled to simplify user management for our clients using Epic and other EHR systems to transform digital training for mission-critical systems.”

Today uPerform is used by large healthcare systems to address the difficulties that traditional instructor-led training and ongoing support pose to hospitals, including high training costs, EHR utilization and compliance issues, and low clinician satisfaction.

For more information on uPerform or ANCILE, visit https://www.uperform.com.

View the uPerform for Healthcare listing on the Epic App OrchardSM.

About ANCILE Solutions

ANCILE Solutions, Inc. is the creator of uPerform®, a digital learning platform that drives user adoption of the world’s leading healthcare and business applications. Chosen by over half of the Fortune 100 and leading healthcare systems in the US, uPerform helps organizations realize the full value of their EHR, HCM, and ERP software by boosting proficiency, driving adoption, and reducing screen time. uPerform provides a digital approach to software enablement, from onboarding to performance support, application training is simplified and centralized on the platform.

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