Bending the Epic training and support cost curve

November 19, 2020
by Caitlin McVeigh-Gagnon

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Many organizations, clinics and healthcare centers use Epic® to equip their healthcare professionals to provide a better patient experience through customized care. With Epic, clinicians can leverage predictive analytics, specialty modules, telehealth and more to provide more personalized patient care. Rated by healthcare providers as the best electronic medical record (EMR) for physician effectiveness and productivity, Epic can help your physicians and patients thrive.

If your healthcare organization is rolling out Epic, you need Epic software training to get clinicians and other end-users ready for go-live. Set your users up for success with tools to help them quickly adapt to Epic and retain their learning long-term. Epic EMR training can ensure your users master the software and increase the effectiveness of care.

The uPerform® just-in-time learning and support platform provides training integration for Epic users to reinforce learning in the workflow, so your clinicians can master Epic while they work. uPerform simplifies Epic medical software training across your entire organization, leading to increased efficiency.

Poor, inefficient software training and ongoing support have large cost implications for health systems.

uPerform supports Epic training for nurses, providers and other users by:

  • Improving Epic software learning in the workflow: uPerform supports digital onboarding, training and just-in-time support for Epic users by providing access to tip sheets, simulations and videos within the workflow. uPerform puts relevant learning content at your users’ fingertips at the time of need, helping them to find the answers to their questions quickly. With continuous access to relevant training content, clinicians spend less time in the classroom or searching for help and more time where they are needed most – with patients.
  • Increasing the speed of content creation: uPerform’s robust content creation tools allow authors and administrators to spend less time creating learning courses so they can speed up EMR rollouts and upgrades. The system captures screenshots and keystrokes within Epic and transforms recordings into several formats. The rapid recording tool allows authors to create multiple resources from a single recording. uPerform also enables managers to track user proficiency by role and actively manage learning.
  • Rapidly updating learning content to keep your end-users ahead of rollouts: It can take a while to catch all your employees up to speed when you implement new software or procedural changes. uPerform simplifies data management by organizing and maintaining content for ease of access. The uPerform learning library improves employee proficiency by allowing easy searching and reference. With rapid content creation and curation functionality, training teams stay ahead of upgrades efficiently while delivering eLearning courses and task-level instructions tailored for each role and specialty.
  • Improving healthcare worker compliance: By facilitating more efficient learning and enabling learners to retain information longer, uPerform helps healthcare workers adopt mission-critical software more quickly. More efficient learning can improve adherence to governing regulations and increase compliance. uPerform highlights changes to the learning content and measures completion, giving managers visibility into compliance.

Reduce your go-live and upgrade training costs, create more efficient users, and prepare for the future by implementing a digital learning strategy with virtual onboarding, training and continuous performance support.

uPerform increases clinician productivity and reduces time away from patients

Independent research on uPerform qualified time and cost savings, finding the potential for:

  • 45% reduction in time away from the job for learners
  • 15% reduction in time end-users spent searching for help
  • 40% reduction in instructor-led training cost
  • 50% reduction in time spent authoring and administering content
  • 40% reduction in the number of help desk calls per year

Want to learn more about how uPerform can improve your Epic rollout?

uPerform simplifies application mastery across your health IT applications including Epic, Workday, Oracle, ServiceNow, and Kronos. Through our uPerform integration with Epic, you can provide hands-on learning support to your end-users and help clinicians perform more effectively.

Contact us to schedule a demo of uPerform, or request a copy of the return on investment white paper by completing the form below.

Research for the white paper was conducted by Hobson & Company, a research firm focused on Return on Investment (ROI) studies. The firm conducted in-depth interviews with ANCILE clients that use uPerform with healthcare and business applications.

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