Webinar: Relevancy is key: Delivering audience-specific training content with uPerform groups

May 24, 2021
by Deli Okafor

Your content is only useful if it’s easy to find and access. With our latest User Management release, accessing relevant training and support content is a whole lot easier for learners.  

The enhanced Group Management offers administrators better and faster ways to assign individuals to groups, either automatically based on user profile information or manually. Simply select the fields that allow someone to be a part of a group and uPerform automatically manages group association. Once configured, content in the Learning Library and in-application help is specific to the user’s role, department, or other attributes, so users can find answers to their how-to questions quickly and get back to work faster. 

Topics we covered: 

  • Automated content filtering in the Learning Library and in-application help  
  • Benefits of uPerform groups  
  • Creating and managing groups  

Tune in to watch Greg LaPalomento, our expert Strategic Software Consultant, and Mike Fillingim, our Technical Account Manager, provided a demonstration followed by a Q&A.