How to scale and centralize software training with uPerform

November 18, 2022
by Jordan Edwards

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The uPerform® learning platform is a comprehensive content management and distribution system developed for the fast creation and circulation of content to learners. It offers organizations just-in-time learning and support capabilities compatible with existing electronic health record (EHR), enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM) and other software applications. 

With tools that optimize the creation and delivery of learning materials, uPerform provides users with access to the correct information specific to their roles and workflows exactly when they need it – in the software.

How to scale your training content management system with uPerform

With uPerform, organizations revolutionize how they administer training and distribute learning materials. uPerform speeds up training processes by enabling authors to rapidly create new content or reuse existing content from almost any source. By reducing or eliminating time spent conducting instructor-led training, trainers have more time to provide one-on-one and at-the-elbow training. The training management software centralizes all learning content in one location to provide a single, trusted learning platform for all employees. 

Companies use uPerform to enhance their training programs in the following ways: 

Easy access: Learners navigate directly to the uPerform platform through any web browser or from their workflow in EHR, ERP, HCM and other applications. 

Optimized processes: Organizations save time by reusing training content or integrating content from external resources, like PDFs, MP4 videos, Microsoft Office files, web links, LMS integration and other formats. This frees up trainers and content authors to focus on more critical and strategic projects.

One-on-one support: Freeing up trainers allows organizations to utilize trainers as coaches, who can work one-on-one with users who are struggling.  

Streamlined management: Trainers can easily manage content in the uPerform management center by tracking the version of content, expiration date and learner usage. 

Superior analytics: The analytics engine provides real-time insight into the breadth and depth of your content library while revealing learner progress and content consumption. 

Custom reports: Reports and insights allow trainers to monitor the resources users are accessing, see where users typically ask for help in the system and identify the content required to address training gaps. 

Prepare for upgrades: uPerform’s rapid content creation tools ease the burden of software upgrades and workflow changes for both training teams and end users. It also makes it easier to edit existing content, eliminating the need to recreate content from scratch every time there is an upgrade or change in workflow.

View of the uPerform website usage report, showing rows of data for full name, username, document name, version, time stamp, and count of how many times an individual has viewed a piece of content.

Benefits of a centralized training platform

With the learning library, uPerform users always have a centralized location for all their training and performance support needs. With built-in search functionality, they save time searching through various file shares and systems for help. Search results are specific to the end-user, so they don’t waste time trying to find the right content when it’s needed most. Once trainers upload content, it becomes available to the right users across the entire organization. Learners can rest assured that the content is up to date and from a trusted source. 

Screenshot showing Epic F1 Help dashboard with link to uPerform's Learning Library. Learning Library shown on right side of screen with "COVID-19" search term and list of training content results

Additional benefits of using uPerform as a learning content management system include: 

Relevant content: With role-based access, learners only see content regarding their region or role. They no longer waste time in a one-size-fits-all training session or sorting through other learning materials.

Increased user efficiency: Faster access to information enhances user efficiency while helping employees get back to work faster. Users save time learning critical skills while becoming more proficient with less dependence on trainers and help desks. 

On-demand availability: uPerform makes your content more accessible by offering users on-demand help directly within your software applications. With in-application assistance, learners can access existing or newly created support materials when and where they need them. 

Access anywhere: With uPerform, employees have access to learning materials from any device, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Optimize your training with uPerform

If you want to get more from your software investments with an optimized learning content management system, uPerform is the answer. uPerform enables you to create training resources and learning materials quickly, allowing you to turn users into experts faster. To learn more about uPerform and how it can benefit your organization with just-in-time learning for your entire suite of enterprise applications, contact us online today.