How UCHealth scaled its training program with uPerform

February 7, 2023
by Jordan Edwards

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As one of the country’s fastest-growing healthcare systems, UCHealth needed to scale its technology training program, including its support for Epic® and other mission-critical applications. UCHealth partnered with uPerform® to help streamline its digital learning resources while delivering training and ongoing support materials within Epic. With its revolutionary approach to software education, UCHealth clinicians benefit from a customized learning library and integrated microlearning delivered in a self-paced format, improving their overall learning experience.

The Challenge: Scaling training to support organizational growth

With its continued expansion across the Rocky Mountain region, UCHealth needed to reconstruct the way it conducts Epic training to support its new affiliates. It needed a solution that offered standardization and scalability to support this growth.

Prior to uPerform, UCHealth stored, managed and shared training materials on a SharePoint site. This resulted in outdated materials scattered throughout individual users’ local files and left the organization without a single source of truth.

The Solution: How UCHealth scales healthcare training support with uPerform

UCHealth now equips employees with the education they need by delivering a centralized library of training resources available at their fingertips. With uPerform, UCHealth delivers the most up-to-date learning material specific to each clinician’s role – so users only see content that is relevant to them when accessing it within the Epic system. This feature has proven especially beneficial to UCHealth’s many affiliates with different requirements or unique specialties, allowing training leads to customize content and ensure the training delivered is relevant to each affiliate.

Additional ways UCHealth leverages uPerform for Epic software training include:

  • Optimized onboarding and ongoing training: UCHealth streamlines training by offering clinicians self-paced learning, giving time previously spent in training back to patient care.
  • Enhanced, modern training model: UCHealth continues to revolutionize and personalize the employee training experience, guiding learners through tailored learning pathways to maximize proficiency.
  • Application expansion: Based on its success, UCHealth is now implementing its new training strategy for other enterprise software applications, like UKG Dimensions®.

How UCHealth benefits from a digital training strategy

With a network of 12 acute care hospitals and more than 150 clinics throughout Colorado, southern Wyoming and western Nebraska, UCHealth has experienced many advantages since making the switch to a computer-based training model. One of the primary benefits is empowering clinicians to stay up-to-date and supported through Epic upgrades and changes with uPerform’s just-in-time help. By delivering training materials to users within their Epic workflows, UCHealth helps clinicians navigate changes, build proficiency, and work more efficiently in the EHR.

UCHealth experienced several benefits after implementing uPerform, including:

  • Time savings: UCHealth trainers now onboard new hires and administer Epic training in a fraction of the time while reducing classroom training. Now new hires gain access to Epic after just 4 hours of initial training, enabling clinicians to get on the floor faster and start caring for patients.
  • One source of truth: All training and support content is centralized in a single library for all employees, creating one trusted source.

“Everything was everywhere for training [before uPerform]. And there [were] many different places that things were being created. So having one source of truth at everybody’s fingertips was very, very important to us.” — Kelley Wiliamson, Director of IT at UCHealth

  • On-demand resources: UCHealth reduced the time it takes its clinicians to find relevant learning content by providing users with just-in-time support in the format they prefer, exactly when it’s needed.
  • Convenient access: Employees have instant access to resources to reinforce learning within the Epic workflow. With single sign-on access, help is just a click away.
  • Easy adaptability: Administrators create role-specific learning content and implement Epic system upgrades in a fraction of the time.
  • High-value learning opportunities: A UCHealth survey of affiliate providers showed 90% of respondents felt training prepared them to use the EHR and they preferred the self-paced learning format.

Next Steps: Turning trainers into coaches

UCHealth successfully scaled their Epic training program to support its growing organization. Next, it plans to utilize uPerform’s content creation and analytics tools to drive more efficiency and value from its training team.

UCHealth system architect, Lori Reese, notes that they are spending “hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of time” creating and maintaining tip sheets, many of which garner little end user engagement. For Reece, “uPerform is the key to freeing up, not only our instructional designers’ time, but also our trainers who we now call our coaches.”

By utilizing uPerform’s reporting and analytics tools to help determine what content is most important, IT Leadership plans to better focus the training teams’ efforts. uPerform’s rapid content creation tool and its quick-edit functionality also introduces more efficiency. With trainers spending less time creating content, IT Training Leadership intend to start shifting the trainer role to more of a coaching role that provides one-on-one assistance to users who may benefit.

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UCHealth is an innovative, nonprofit health system that delivers the highest quality medical care with an excellent patient experience. UCHealth includes 29,000 employees, 12 acute-care hospitals and hundreds of physicians across Colorado, southern Wyoming and western Nebraska. With University of Colorado Hospital on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus as its academic anchor and the only adult academic medical center in the region, UCHealth is dedicated to providing unmatched patient care in the Rocky Mountain West. Offering more than 150 clinic locations, UCHealth provides extensive community benefits and pushes the boundaries of medicine through advanced treatments and clinical trials, improving health through innovation.

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