Prepare and guide clinicians through software rollouts and upgrades

uPerform for healthcare is transforming the way software training and support is conducted for health systems. With tools to support the rapid creation and delivery of training content, our just-in-time learning and support platform ensures your users are prepared for every software rollout and upgrade. Accelerate onboarding and reduce screen time with learning materials available on-demand for your applications. Quickly and easily publish learning content in multiple formats, tailored for each user’s role and specialty. Your staff will always be ready for what’s ahead.

Whatever your operational requirements, we're here to help. uPerform is a training platform for healthcare workers. Our goal is to empower clinicians with trusted learning resources to build their proficiency, operate more efficiently, and get back to what matters most – their patients.

With uPerform as your performance support platform for healthcare, you can conveniently publish and share learning content from a central repository, ensuring critical training resources are easy to find. Whether you're looking for a healthcare platform integration for onboarding or to improve the efficiency of existing users, we provide the intuitive capabilities you need to gear up new hires and keep staff up to date on changes to the system.

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“Successful organizations recognize the incredible impact of initial and ongoing EMR education.”

– KLAS Arch Collaborative

Clinicians are satisfied when they are proficient with the EHR.

Better prepare your clinicians for Epic rollouts and upgrades with role-based performance support and access to vital, current information on system and procedural changes within their workflows.

Faster access to information

“uPerform has provided an opportunity for students to interactively learn how to use the EMR system. The result is a seamless transition to practice, enabling students to provide efficient, safe, and quality patient care.”

– Dr. Claudia M. Reed, DNP, RNC-OB, Educator/ Clinical and Simulation Coordinator, Infirmary Health

Clinicians are satisfied when they are proficient with the EHR.

Deliver high-quality EHR education and invest in developing user competency.

Reduction in time away from job for learners

“We found a great deal of efficiency with folks, because instead of having 15 trainers in 10 computer labs, we instead could have 2 or 3 trainers in different computer labs with many roles in those rooms taking the courses.”

– Bethany Poellinger, Gundersen Health System

Simplify and scale your training program by centralizing application learning on a common platform.

Create a digital learning ecosystem for the entire organization with tools that accelerate content creation, standardize training materials, and increase operational efficiency. uPerform’s single training library, centralizing content from various sources, guarantees help is found and consumed quickly.

Reduction in time spent authoring and administering content

Just-in-time learning and support platform for healthcare

Accelerate your training initiatives with a performance support platform for healthcare. uPerform for healthcare workers offers a scalable platform that aligns with the unique personnel training needs at your organization.

Onboard and cross-train clinicians faster

Scale your training program to rapidly onboard new employees, groups, or acquisitions with a hybrid approach and standardized curriculum. uPerform decreases clinician time in training by 45% with digital courses and assessment tracking. Eliminate time spent in redundant or irrelevant lessons with courses automatically tailored to each user’s role, specialty, or department.

Empower users with relevant help within the workflow

Our SaaS integration platform for healthcare is easy to use. uPerform helps individual users understand their responsibilities in the system and navigate the workflow successfully. In just one click, users have access to role-based learning content within the workflow of their applications. Decrease calls to the help desk with integrated performance support at their fingertips.

Eliminate time spent searching for help

Keep your staff focused on the task at hand with performance support solutions that everyone can access quickly and easily. When support materials are available in the workflow, users can easily get answers to their how-to questions and apply what they've learned without time-consuming searches or help desk inquiries. You'll improve user efficiency across the board.

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uPerform for your EHR

uPerform for Epic

You chose Epic for patient care. Make the most of it with uPerform. Help your staff master Epic rollouts and upgrades and get back to patient care faster with uPerform for Epic. uPerform for healthcare professionals is available to organizations on the Epic Showroom.

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uPerform for Cerner

Get the most out of your Cerner investment with customized learning content that is role-based and available to clinicians in their workflow. Scale training and accelerate onboarding with uPerform for Cerner.
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Arch Collaborative

KLAS research awards high ratings to uPerform

Education is a critical component in creating successful EHR users. Read the KLAS First Look Report to learn how uPerform’s EHR integration improves user proficiency and reduces training costs by providing clinicians relevant training materials in the workflow.

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Why choose uPerform?

uPerform is the only platform that combines capabilities for content management, curation and distribution into one intuitive system. Take advantage of the comprehensive functionalities our SaaS integration platform for healthcare has to offer:

Customized training: uPerform training for healthcare professionals works by offering personalized learning experiences and resources for every user.

Decreased costs: By helping users take ownership of their learning, this solution saves time and money you might otherwise spend on training and help desk support.

User-friendly operation: With multiple formats available for learning content and an intuitive interface, this platform makes learning straightforward and accessible to your entire workforce.

Scalable management: Versatile to your requirements and scalable as you grow, uPerform works seamlessly with your enterprise applications and operational capacity.

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Healthcare clients

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Success stories


Becker’s Healthcare Podcast: M Health Fairview on bridging the EHR learning gap


Arch Collaborative: Virtual Training Platform Enhances EHR Education at Baylor Scott & White Health


Becker’s Healthcare Podcast: Dr. CT Lin of UCHealth on the intersection of EHR training, TikTok and microlearning

Measurable Value

Effective training and support on the job are critical for the successful adoption of any complex software application. In the absence of high-quality training and ongoing support, users tend to under-use or misuse new systems – resulting in errors, non-compliance and preventing organizations from achieving their expected returns on these significant investments.

Percentage chart of uPerform client measured values
Decrease clinician time in onboarding uPerform statistic
Enhance provider efficiency and proficiency: 15% gain through faster information access
Improve delivery and quality of training by 40%
Reduce time to create content and centralize learning: Speed up authoring and management time by 50%
Decrease help desk costs
Based on independent interviews conducted by Hobson and Company with ANCILE customers.

uPerform enables you to continuously reinforce their training and skills by providing learning content directly in their workflow. Users save time searching for help, learning the system and become proficient faster with less dependence on support staff. The result is a training team coordinating fewer in-person trainings and spending less time fielding support calls.

uPerform for Healthcare videos

While other eLearning solutions provide mechanisms for online training, uPerform offers clinicians ongoing support once training has completed. Help your staff master rollouts and upgrades and get them back to patient care faster with continuous access to relevant training content right within the workflow of the EHR.

uPerform Overview: Content Distribution for Healthcare

With uPerform, you can revolutionize the way you create training and support materials. Save up to half of your time crafting content with uPerform’s speedy recording tool, single-source authoring, multiple output types, and content curation capabilities.

uPerform Overview: Content Curation for Healthcare

The uPerform digital learning platform provides healthcare organizations with a full content management and distribution system optimized for the rapid creation and dissemination of content to clinicians. uPerform accelerates application rollouts and upgrades by enabling training managers to reuse content they already have. Easily centralize all your content including EHR and ERP documentation, eLearning courses, videos, weblinks, and more from different systems and file shares into a one-stop-shop trusted learning platform. Learners can go directly to the platform from any web browser or be presented with help directly integrated into your EHR.

uPerform Overview: Reporting and Analytics for Healthcare

Drive user adoption and proficiency of your health IT applications by continuously monitoring user engagement and content effectiveness with uPerform.

uPerform Overview: Content Creation for Healthcare

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Discover how uPerform for healthcare providers can work for you

Our objective is to equip healthcare professionals to take ownership of their software learning journey. By providing you with vital tools for training, support, and applying knowledge, we help your employees develop their technological skillsets efficiently and effectively.

Help users master their applications while they work with an intuitive learning system that offers role-based instruction in an engaging format. When you need to update content to reflect new processes, workflows, or software changes, uPerform makes it fast, easy, and accessible to stay ahead of content management.

If you want to see how uPerform works for yourself, reach out to us and schedule a demo today.