CASE STUDY: How M Health Fairview navigates change and supports users in the EHR

June 3, 2024
by Jordan Edwards

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M Health Fairview’s partnership with uPerform has streamlined content creation, driven engagement with learning materials and improved user experience with Epic.

Partnership goals, actions and outcomes

In 2019, M Health Fairview recognized that its learning ecosystem was fragmented and difficult to navigate for users. After researching various solutions, the team chose to partner with uPerform to create a unified learning experience for users and scale learning opportunities.


  • Centralize all learning content in the uPerform learning library 
  • Offer asynchronous virtual training  
  • Develop Learning Pathways to guide users along their learning journey based on role 
  • Embed microlearning in the Epic workflow 
  • Create a single Learning Connections (F1) Dashboard with access to Learning Library, search, support and additional training opportunities


  • Compared to non-users, uPerform users now benefit from: 
    • 19-point higher Net EHR Experience Score (NEES)
    • 15 percentage-point higher agreement that EHR enables efficiency
    • 26 percentage-point higher agreement that the organization/IT leadership delivers well
    • 17 percentage-point higher agreement that ongoing EHR education is sufficient
  • Increased adoption of new eConsent tool from 7% to 87%
  • Improved Clinical Practice Model (CPM) completion from around 20% to between 60% and 80%
  • 76% reduction in time spent on education content creation compared to industry average 

A need for change

M Health Fairview is a large, academic healthcare system. It is currently comprised of 11 hospitals, over 90 clinics and managers over 36,000 Epic users. In 2019, its training team recognized that its learning ecosystem was fragmented and difficult to navigate. Furthermore, some ambulatory clinics had no access to the training materials they needed.

Chief clinical & nursing informatics officer and vice president of informatics, Anne LaFlamme, shares the challenges M Health Fairview faced with its fragmented learning ecosystem and outlines their priorities for improvement in this clip from the 2024 AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference (CIC).

A one-stop shop: How M Health Fairview centralized its learning materials

An mock-up of M Health Fairview's Learning Connections (F1) Dashboard in Epic.When M Health Fairview went live with uPerform in December 2020, its top priority was creating a centralized learning experience for Epic users. uPerform’s Learning Library now serves as the central content hub for all educational content. 

To make this content even more accessible to end users, Fairview created the Learning Connections (F1) Dashboard. It is a single dashboard for all end users that curates the content an end user sees based on their role. Users can access the dashboard directly within Epic, providing them with access to uPerform Learning Library content, quarterly release information, chat support and efficiency sessions. 

The Learning Connections (F1) Dashboard replaced a convoluted network of confusing dashboards that often featured outdated information. Now, users have a central access point to all their learning and support needs, improving their Epic experience and operational efficiency.

A trail map for success: Guiding users down customized Learning Pathways

In addition to the Learning Connections (F1) Dashboard, Fairview also introduced Learning Pathways. Learning Pathways provides users with a guided learning journey based on their role, department, location or other defining traits. 

Fairview identified a need for a quick and efficient way to deliver the right content to the right people when they were faced with one of the largest nursing strikes in the nation. Fairview needed to onboard 1,500 travel nurses in approximately five days to maintain care coverage. 

The education team built out courses for various nursing roles. Upon receiving their Epic credentials, nurses also received a link that provided them with access to the new courses. They simply had to click the course relevant to their role and complete their self-paced onboarding before seeing patients. 

The project was a resounding success, allowing Fairview to rapidly onboard its travel nurses while receiving positive feedback on the quality of training. Derek Harley, learning and development system manager, shares their experience at the 2024 AMIA CIC.

Embedded learning in the flow of work

An mock-up of M Health Fairview's embedded support in the Epic eConsent navigator.Most recently, Fairview has focused on providing even more seamless access to learning materials with embedded content in the workflow. uPerform’s Epic integration allows education teams to embed content directly into Epic workflows, such as navigators, narrators, menu buttons, InBasket, flowsheets, print groups and more. 

Fairview has taken full advantage of these integration capabilities to drive user engagement with learning materials and adoption of new workflows in Epic. In one instance, the organization witnessed an increase in adoption of a new eConsent tool from just 7% to 87% after embedding a how-to video in the workflow.

Fairview continues to experiment with other embedded learning opportunities. For instance, the system offers training content through Elsevier, called Clinical Practice Model (CPM). Prior to embedding this content into Epic, completion was around 20% across the Fairview system. Now, completion is between 60% and 80% across nearly the entire system.

Finding operational efficiencies

Since implementing uPerform, Fairview is finding additional operational efficiencies as well. Most notably, uPerform’s content authoring tool is saving the training team valuable time. uPerform allows content creators to generate a variety of content formats from a single workflow recording, reducing the time it takes Fairview staff to create education content by 76% compared to the industry average.

Between saving time creating content and delivering more self-paced learning opportunities, Fairview has more time to provide personalized coaching to users in need. Providers can now book “efficiency sessions” directly from the Learning Connections (F1) Dashboard. These sessions focus on the use of tools like Nuance Dragon Medical One for dictation. 

Fairview is also leveraging uPerform to identify which content is, or is not, serving its user base. It then plans to declutter the Learning Library by removing underutilized documents, further improving the end user experience and helping users find the content they’re looking for faster.

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