Choosing a just-in-time learning platform for healthcare

June 16, 2023
by Jordan Edwards

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A just-in-time learning platform is becoming an increasingly popular choice for health systems looking to bolster their technology education and clinician training programs. Just-in-time learning delivers training and support materials to users in their workflow at their time of need, helping reduce calls to the help desk and increase efficiency. 

The benefits of a just-in-time learning platform are numerous. With the right platform, health systems can: 

With more eLearning products promoting a just-in-time solution, it can be challenging to find the right platform. Let us help make the choice easier for you.

What to consider when choosing a just-in-time learning platform

Choosing a just-in-time learning platform is a big decision for any health system. The right platform can improve clinician training and support and deliver tremendous value to the organization. The wrong one can, at best, become yet another piece of software in the healthcare tech stack, and at worst, lead to poorly trained and unhappy clinicians.

Here are some things to consider when making your decision:

Application integrations 

A just-in-time learning platform should integrate with your most important software applications. The ability to integrate with the software and deliver learning opportunities in the workflow maximizes the accessibility, engagement and effectiveness of your learning content. 

Compatibility with existing learning tools 

In addition to working with your software applications, your just-in-time learning platform should also be compatible with your other learning tools. Whether you’re delivering traditional eLearning courses with a Learning Management System or leveraging software for your help desk, your just-in-time learning platform should enable you to deliver all your education and support resources to users at their time and place of need.

Your technology education partner 

When you select a just-in-time learning platform, you’re not just choosing a piece of software; you’re also investing in a technology education partner. Make sure your just-in-time learning platform is backed by a team of experts that works with you to ensure your success. An experienced partner should be able to guide you through a successful implementation and offer ongoing optimization strategies. 

Experience with health systems like yours

Health systems have use cases specific to the industry and face unique challenges those outside of healthcare may not be familiar with. You’ll want your just-in-time learning partner to have a proven track record working with health systems.

Just-in-time learning with uPerform

Looking to partner with a just-in-time learning platform for healthcare? uPerform is helping health systems around the world deliver just-in-time learning opportunities to their clinicians, reducing time and costs associated with training, improving EHR satisfaction, increasing adoption of new workflows and more.

Learn why uPerform has a 100% overall satisfaction rating in its KLAS First Look Report.

A single solution for all your apps

uPerform is the only just-in-time learning platform that seamlessly integrates training and learning across the application stack at health systems in the United States and abroad. With our comprehensive learning platform, training teams can create, manage and deliver learning for all your mission-critical applications, including your EHR, ERP, HCM and more.

Richer EHR partnerships and integrations

With our deep roots in Epic® integrations, support for SMART on FHIR and Epic SSO, and agreements in-place with Epic, uPerform is uniquely positioned to deliver learning content to clinicians in the flow of work. Our existing integration with Oracle® Cerner PowerChart provides the only embedded just-in-time learning solution in the industry.

Support for every stage of the software lifecycle

From new hire or affiliate onboarding to quarterly upgrades, uPerform has you covered. With self-guided learning pathways and in-application help only a click away, users are supported no matter where their software journey takes them. Your users will always be ready for the next go-live, upgrade or change with on-demand answers to their how-to questions.

Proven success with leading health systems

uPerform R&D continues to evolve the platform specifically for the healthcare industry. Clients leveraging uPerform for a more effective approach to training have witnessed measurable results, including: 

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Your trusted partner for all things technology education

When choosing uPerform, you can feel confident knowing you’re backed by a team of experts with years of experience leading successful implementations and optimization projects with health systems of all sizes. We pride ourselves on ensuring clients get maximum returns on their investment through ongoing engagement with our dedicated Customer Success and Account Management teams.

Schedule a demo to learn more about how uPerform can help you deliver a better training experience to clinicians, while reducing overall time and costs associated with training.