How to create Epic tip sheets with uPerform

March 16, 2023
by Jordan Edwards

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Epic tip sheets are a great way to help users through workflows and tasks in Epic Systems EHR software. Whether a user is performing a task for the first time or needs a quick refresher, tip sheets can help them through the proper steps quickly and effectively. uPerform makes it easy for training teams to create tip sheets and deliver them to users directly in their workflow. 

What is an Epic tip sheet?

A tip sheet is a document, usually in a PDF format, that combines images and text to guide software users through tasks or workflows. They utilize software screenshots and specific instructions in a numbered sequence to guide users through a step-by-step process. While they can be used to support users in any industry, they are most commonly used in healthcare. 

uPerform also allows authors to create interactive tip sheets. Interactive tip sheets give users more control in how they navigate content. For example, users can collapse images and descriptions for each step, making it easier to scan the document and access the help specific to the steps they are struggling with. 

Sample tip sheet displaying GoodHealth logo, a brief overview, and one procedural step that includes a screenshot of an EHR mock-up

Why should I create Epic tip sheets?

Tips sheets are a simple, yet effective way to support users through daily tasks and workflows. They are relatively quick and easy to produce compared to other help content formats, and they are easily scannable for users to find the help they are looking for. 

It is also worth noting that when building out an Epic training and/or support strategy for healthcare workers, it is important to offer content in a variety of formats. Everyone learns differently, and catering to individual learning preferences helps ensure clinicians are prepared to deliver quality patient care.

Creating Epic tip sheets with uPerform

Creating tip sheets with uPerform is easy! In fact, uPerform enables authors to create tip sheets alongside other content formats, such as interactive simulations and videos, saving time and helping ensure consistency across support materials. uPerform has been proven to help speed up authoring time by 50%.

Using the uPerform authoring tool, authors simply record a workflow, select ‘tip sheet’ as an output format and publish the content. The uPerform authoring tool then creates a tip sheet, as well as any other selected format types, from the recording. Authors can edit any steps or text for each format type to customize or add clarity. 

Creating Epic tip sheets without uPerform

Although uPerform makes creating tip sheets and other help content faster and easier, it is still possible to create tip sheets without uPerform. By using Microsoft Word or another word processor, authors can create step-by-step instructions as a numbered list. They can then take screenshots of each step of the workflow and annotate as necessary to identify clicks, text fields, and any other important information for the user. Once these steps are added to their respective instructional steps in the word document, authors can save the document as a PDF. 

While this method isn’t particularly challenging, it is more time-consuming than utilizing uPerform or another content creation software that offers a tip sheet format. Furthermore, uPerform allows authors to create multiple content formats from a single recording, saving time and providing users with more format options. 

Delivering tip sheets and other support content with uPerform

Like any help content, tip sheets are only as effective as they are findable by your users. Traditional delivery methods struggle to reach users when and where they need help. Emails often go unread and cannot be delivered at the time of need. Sharepoint and other intranet sites are often full of outdated content and can be difficult to navigate.

uPerform integrates with Epic to deliver tip sheets and other support content to users directly in their Epic workflow. Content is specific to their role and workflow, ensuring that it is relevant. uPerform can also be set up to know where your users are in Epic. When M Health Fairview began embedding a how-to video for a new eConsent navigator, engagement increased from just 7% to 87%.

With uPerform, training teams create content in a fraction of the time, providing users with access to help and support content directly in their Epic workflow. Learn more about how uPerform can help your organization get the most out of its Epic investment. 

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